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Here’s an overview about what POSTLY does and what it’s all about so got 20 minutes per day case study weird traffic method makes a hundred and eleven dollars 46 per post with no videos no websites and no paid traffic

okay well obviously I don't know if you will be able to make this exact figure with every Facebook post it's pretty precise but I know some people are doing this and they are getting some really good results and no you don't need to make videos unless you want to obviously that's gonna add more money to your Commission's but you don't have to you don't need a website because it's preliminary preliminary using Facebook and you don't need any paid traffic obviously you can use paid traffic if you want to scale this up later on but it's completely up to you and you don't need it to start off with either now completely untapped and free traffic okay well it's not untapped there's other people doing it yes it is free traffic new method no rehashes no this has been done before and it's been talked about we find it's been launched before so it's not a new method but I don't think that many people are using this method anyone can do this yeah completely absolutely it works in any niche yes works for anything you need traffic for pretty much generate hundreds of free clicks a day yes nobody needed yes so it is a good method I'm gonna let you look through the sales page on your own okay there's a ton of income proof on here there's testimonials on here from some top marketers you see Fergal downs Venkat Brendan mace great great testimonials there's some more income proof on here good stuff mmm okay there's a ton more information on here that I think you should read through and I'm not gonna have time to go through it all with you step-by-step right now because it's just gonna take too long so come and check out the sales page click on the link in this video description come through to my bonus page and then click on any of these orange yellow buttons to access a sales page right I'm going to jump into the members area now I'll talk to you about that so when you bought post Lee this is what you're going to get in the front end okay so this is the training area module 1 is an introduction to the method and incidentally if you click on the link down below in this video description you can access this particular video which is seven almost eight minutes long you can access that straightaway by clicking on the video in the link in the video description scrolling down the page and I've actually hosted that particular video on here so you can go and watch that even without buying post Lee so you can get a look and feel for what it's all about okay so that's the introduction to the method it's gonna be talking about you know how he's using this to make money from facebook module number two now things have changed since the last course was put out about posting on Facebook and making money you're not allowed to use click baiting so he's gonna tell you an alternative way to get around that okay in this second module module number three how to build a targeted following okay this talking about this is about talking about using growing your audience private preliminary using Facebook itself and then it's going on to talk about making a squeeze page but it doesn't show you how to make a squeeze page which is why I've done that inside one of my bonuses because I show you step-by-step how to do that there you go bonus number three and then he's talking about some traffic that you can that you can use from Facebook and Instagram and also a another software that you can use to get traffic from but it is a paid a paid way and then talking about solo ads as well which I'm not personally a big fan of some people have success with it but I've never had success with solo ads so I always you know going from my own personal experience I tend to tell people not to do that but these guys have had a different experience for me obviously and anyway that's covered inside of module 3 so you can go through that module number four how to promote to your followers so this is talking about making a bonus page but unfortunately that don't show you step-by-step how to do that but lucky for you if you buy via my link inside my second bonus I'm going to show you how you can make a bonus page without using any kind of expensive softwares or anything like that so I've got you covered there but module number five how to structure a viral post okay now this is talking about making a viral post on on Facebook okay there also was I think it was in this module they were talking about making a review video as well to put on your nice making a review video to put on your Facebook page with a review of the product but they don't show you how to structure your review either which is why I'm giving you my launch tacking cost which is all about making review videos and my YouTube ranking cost so you can get some extra organic traffic from YouTube because you'll know how to rank your videos to the top of YouTube so that's inside of module four module number five sorry I just talked about that how to structure your viral post module number six i grabbing images for your posts now this is this is really important because obviously you need to be grabbing the eyes of people who are going to be visiting your Facebook post to ensure that they're you've got their attention you'll be able to sell to them module number seven post Lee in action this is the case study where Aiden's talking you through the the amount of money that he made from using this method you can see 216 dollars in that one and I'm pretty sure sided warrior plus another two hundred fifteen dollars inside there so it's a real case study and that's why I've actually chosen to review this product because I like I like to review products and recommend products that people are actually having case studies they have live case studies so they're proving that it works and you can just literally go and replicate what they're doing to go and get that kind of success yourself so it's a it's good to have a case study in there that's module seven module number eight more traffic generating post methods with income proof again kind of a mini case study going on there module nine the the wrap-up the conclusion and then you get an extra bonus case study from our player himself who's talking about where he gets his free traffic from and some more bonus training videos squeeze spray squeeze page creator demo okay I haven't actually go through this but oh yeah I have actually this is from a previous training from pylab yeah feel feel free to use the squeeze page creating software I didn't really think that much of it myself I prefer to do it using the method that I'm sure that's showing you in my third bonus about making a squeeze page because it's a lot more up-to-date modern and a lot easier in my own personal opinion okay so I'm going to talk to you about the prices on the upsells now so everything that I just showed you inside the train in that is only going to cost you ten dollars if you get in there today which is a 25th of February and you need to get in there within the first few hours to pick this up at the early bird price of ten dollars okay if you wait any longer then it's going to go up to thirteen dollars but still it's still worth it for the good information that you get inside there's a few up cells on this as well okay the first up cell is seven case studies and advanced training and that's going to be $27 I do actually recommend that you go for that okay because case studies are always good it's something like I said before you can just go out there and replicate and you know that it's gonna work because they show you the the income proof inside of these case studies as well now if you do pick up any of these upsells remember I do have a bonus for you guys a premium bonus that this one here bonus number six this is a course that I bought white label rights to and it cost me over a hundred dollars to get the white label rights to this course and what it is it's going to show you how you can use Instagram Instagram influences to pay to get traffic to wherever you want to send it to so it could be an affiliate offer it could be a squeeze page so you can grow your list it could be a Facebook page so you can grow your audience anywhere and I've been getting some insanely good results using this this particular method okay I've been growing my list really quickly with this I've been sending it to my econ stars and making a ton of sales and it's it's really one of the best kind of organic traffic methods out there so this is a full seven module course on how to do that and I'm going to be throwing that in as a bonus if you pick up any of these upsells so that's cool now down sells there for the first for the first upsell you see in this graph here there's a down sell to this and you only get three of the seven case studies now I probably wouldn't recommend you get that because seven case studies you're going to get more of an idea how he's doing it exactly and you can copy it better whereas only having three is not really going to cut it so I'm gonna recommend you go for the full upsell on this one now ops are number two is a done-for-you platinum pack I really don't know what's going to be done for you inside of here I guess it's gonna be kind of a Facebook setup or some kind of squeeze page or something but because I don't know what it is I'm not gonna recommend this to you so don't bother with that and then there's a down cell to that which is they don't for you gold Park where I guess you're just gonna get less done for you than you would if you get the full upsell obviously these are optional you can you can buy these if you like usually done for you packs are pretty good they take a lot of the thinking out of it and they get you up and running faster but obviously because I don't know what it is I don't know whether to recommend it to you or not so just proceed if you like now the third upsell is $67 and that's licensed rights to this whole funnel so you will get access to the the the the sales page like this and you can use this in your campaigns basically resale rice is it gives you a business in a box so you're only going to be sending traffic really to this squeeze page and you'll be able to get a hundred percent Commission's on anything that sells so a hundred percent on the front end which is ten dollars 100 percent on the any of these upsells so if any of these sell let's say if somebody came in and they bought they bought the front end they bought up to your one and they borrow tio2 well you've just made your money back straight away so anything that you sell over and above that one that first funnel sale you are gonna be making money you're gonna be in the green you're going to be making profit that's how it works all you're going to be doing is just sending traffic to any of these the to the sales page but it's gonna have your resell rights link in there which gives you the rights to a hundred percent of the commission of the sales of the whole funnel so that's how that works and it's only sixty seven dollars usually people sell resellers licenses for over a hundred dollars that's how much I bought mine for in the past so that's actually not a bad price for a resellers license but again completely optional as with all of these upsells so that's it for me if you are still here you still watching and you do want to buy post Lee all you need to do is click on the link down below in the video description and then click on any of these yellowy orange buttons throughout this bonus page to go through to the sales page and by post Lee and when you do that all of these bonuses that I talked about earlier on in the review will be made available to you instantly into the receipt area of warrior plus so just go to warrior plus click on post Lee scroll down to the bottom and click on the blue button that says access affiliate bonuses and that's where all of these bonuses will be waiting for you so that is it from me thank you for watching my postal review and I'll speak to you on the next one take care bye

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